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Consumers’ Association of Slovakia published recently a study claiming that products of worldwide food companies differ in quality. Eastern countries of the EU have allegedly to settle for goods of lower quality compared to western countries. CAFIA statement is as follows:
The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority checks, in compliance with its responsibilities laid down by legislation, whether foodstuffs are produced, stored, transported and sold in compliance with requirements of legislation, whether they are safe and comply with quality requirements laid down by legislation.
If there are quality parameters laid down for certain sorts of foodstuffs, producers have to comply with them. CAFIA, as a body of state supervision, cannot require the food business operator to meet quality requirements which are above the framework laid down by legislation.
In other words: CAFIA has neither legal power to compare composition of foodstuffs with the same trading name from various EU countries, nor can impose sanctions on food business operators in case they place on the market products with different composition than in other EU countries if these products comply with applicable legislation related to safety, hygiene a quality of foodstuffs.