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CAFIA Information System


Sub-systems of the CAFIA information system

Subsystem "Control and Laboratory Activity"

The basic subsystem of the CAFIA Information System is the professional system "Control and Laboratory Activity" (hereinafter referred to as IS.CLA), the most important modules of which are:
  • "Control Activity" module,
  • "Laboratory Activity" module,
  • "Document Management System" module,
  • "Reports“ module.

The "Control Activity" module collates the results of control activities, which are carried out in the field by CAFIA inspectors. Data are entered into the programme by the inspectors in the field or later at the Inspectorate. The system uses a numbering system, which allocates a code to each type of activity so that all notes on control activities may be processed and categorised more easily. The module allows the production of a detailed overview of controls and inspected persons, of measures implemented, of bans which have been made, on administrative procedures, etc. Inspectors use the material to prepare for their controls, lawyers for evidence of administrative procedures and management for the planning of controls on a regional and national level. The module also records the registration of food production of vegetable origin in accordance with the Act on Foodstuffs, as amended (§ 3) and information on placing on the market or export of fruit and vegetables in accordance with the Act on Foodstuffs (§ 11, paragraphs 7,8). An independent Section of the "Control Activity" module is the "Suggestions" Section, in which suggestions for controls are recorded, mainly on the basis of complaints from the public.
This module has recently been enhanced to transfer data to the server
The"Laboratory Activity" module serves to record evidence of samples, which have been brought to the laboratory by inspectors (our own laboratories and external ones), to record the results of analyses and to print out laboratory documents.
The "Reports" module creates, summarises, classifies and depicts complex and specific results of controls and laboratory activities. A system of filters is built into the module to allow creation of a variety of summaries of all aspects of control activities.
"DMS" module – part of the application which allows shared administration of documents in connection with the user´s access rights.
The IS CLA does not only have a record-keeping function, but also the informational potential to allow more effective decision-making and planning processes by managers of CAFIA.
"Wine" Subsystem
The "Wine" subsystem covers the activity of the expert team at the Ministry of Agriculture in assessing and classifying wine, such decisions on wine classification are exported to the Vineyard Register at the Ministry of Agriculture and into the "Control and Laboratory Activity" subsystem. The subsystem is connected do the Data Boxes Module.
"PERS" Subsystem
Another important subsystem in the CAFIA IS is the "PERS" personnel system, which comprises a complex modular system to support planning, management and register of human resources. Every employee has a unique number in the system and their profile can be displayed with information on their employment history (employment stats, promotions, salary development, education, etc.). It also comprises MAGMA HCM application which is a practical register of human resources for the management and attendance system ID.EST Sense made by company ID.EST.
GINIS Subsystem
CAFIA also operates the economic subsystem GINIS, which enables fundamental increases in efficiency and awareness in the field of economics and accountancy in CAFIA. The system is connected to the integrated fisc information system.
The subsystems "Control and Laboratory Activity", "PERS“ and the economic subsystem GINIS are central intranet applications, the subsystem "Wine“ is operated on local basis.
Videoconference Subsystem
As the current CAFIA activities cover the whole national territory, all Inspectorates use the new videoconference system of Gity, a.s. company enabling fluent transmission of image and sound in real time to rapid internal communication and joint meetings also with presentations.
Intranet Portal Subsystem
Is an intranet application with a central database and user access via a web interface. It is optimalised for web browsers MSIE 6.0 and higher. It works on the platform of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 operating system and uses the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database.
The portal contains important information and documents in electronic form, which are essential for the day-to-day work of all employees of the Authority.
Web Portal Subsystem
The webpage is built on the basis of the original publishing system SystemIdea, by the company, a.s. Now it is fully administrated by FUTURA SOFT, s.r.o. company. The publishing system is created as a web application, with the web browser as its client. SystemIdea was developed using the .NET technology by the Microsoft company and runs using the MS Internet Information Service 6.0, the data layer is implemented on MS SQL Server 2008 R2.
The CAFIA web pages satisfy the methodology of web access, and all information is also published in forms, which are accessible to people with handicaps. Change of the design of the web as well as its upgrade are planned for 2015, last modifications were carried out in 2010. The new graphics corresponds with the CAFIA unified visual style, is simpler and more user friendly than before.
A link to the web portal may be found on the homepage. Now it is also available for users of smartphones too.
CAFIA electronic document service (eSSL)
The electronic document service by company FUTURA SOFT s.r.o. is the fastest developing CAFIA IS. The system fully corresponds to the requirements of Act No. 499/2004 Coll., on Archiving and Records Management as well as to the National Standard. ESSL is connected with the IS CLA, IS Wine, MS Outlook and Data Boxes. The system enables processing of documents and files both in the electronic and paper form.
CAFIA Data Boxes
In accordance with Act No. 300/2008 Coll., CAFIA has created and provided access to its Data Boxes. Access to the Data Boxes is via the web interface, which is connected to the CAFIA document service.
The CAFIA Data Boxes serve in particular to receive electronic submissions sent to CAFIA by other public administration bodies, legal persons, entrepreneurs and natural persons. The CAFIA Data Boxes also serve to send out electronic documents to the addressee´s data boxes. Electronic documents which are sent and received are stored in the electronic document service. The CAFIA Data Boxes also pass information on the delivery of documents which were sent by way of ISDS (delivery receipts), into the eSSL.
Infrastructure of CAFIA network
The extensive computer network ensure mutual connection of all 7 workplaces of regional Inspectorates with the Headquarters by means of the VPN. All internal IS are available from working stations with OS MS Windows 7 Pro integrated in the MS Active Directory Windows Server 2008R2 domain.