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Food supplement seller BEAUTY LINE s.r.o. misled consumers. CAFIA fined the company almost by 14 million CZK and its trade licence was revoked


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) received tens of suggestions from consumers regarding practices of company BEAUTY LINE s.r.o. dealing mainly with distance sale of food supplements - through letters - mostly in the form of consumer competitions for prizes and money.

CAFIA inspectors repeatedly proved that the inspected person applied unfair business practices and failed to provide imposed co-operation. For the aforementioned acts, company BEAUTY LINE s.r.o. was fined by the total amount of CZK 13,945,000 within six administrative proceedings.

At the same time, the CAFIA submitted a proposal to the locally competent Municipal District Office of Prague 12 - Trade Licensing Department to revoke the trade license of the legal person BEAUTY LINE s.r.o., namely for repeated serious violations of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection. The Trade Licensing Department has currently decided on revoking of the legal entity's trade license. The company or its statutory body must not perform the same kind of business for a period of three years.

The inspected person violated the Act in question, inter alia, by creating a misleading impression about offering products free of charge, even though consumers actually had to pay for the ordered products - food supplements. Furthermore, the inspected person created a misleading impression that consumers would win a cash prize if they order goods for free testing. In fact, consumers had to spend money because receiving of the price was conditioned by purchasing the goods from the inspected person's catalogue and paying the costs for delivery and packaging. Furthermore, the inspected person used unfair business practices by offering goods through a competition for prizes amounting up to millions CZK without these prizes being awarded.

CAFIA also proved that the inspected person used prohibited so-called medical claims when offering food supplements in contradiction to the requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. Food supplements are classified as foodstuffs and must not be associated with therapeutic effects.

CAFIA regards the seriousness of the violation of legislation mainly in the fact that the inspected person has long disturbed the economic behaviour of consumers by addressing them with letters informing that they were unique winners of prizes amounting up to millions. However, after paying the amount, consumers did not receive the prize and subsequently complained to CAFIA.


Article by: Mgr. Pavel Kopřiva – CAFIA Spokesperson, phone:+420 542 426 633 

22nd July 2021