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CAFIA revealed illegal and unsafe production of mungo sprouts in Prague


Inspectors of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA), police officers of the Regional Directorate of the Capital City of Prague and the Police of the Czech Republic Prague IV found illegal food production of mungo sprouts operated by Tuan Anh Pham, Za rybníčky 694, 149 00 Prague Šeberov. The unregistered establishment was located in a family house.

Due to the fact that mungo sprouts were grown and produced under unsatisfactory hygiene conditions and in unauthorized premises, inspectors banned 120 kg of the identified commodity on the spot, ordered its disposal and at the same time, proved violation of the previously issued ban on the use of the premises in question.

Growing and production of mungo sprouts is a microbiologically risky process, therefore establishments where germination takes place must be approved by CAFIA before the production of sprouts is commenced. Before the approval of CAFIA, the producer has to undergo an inspection and comply with a number of legal requirements. In particular, specific microbiological criteria related to growing of a foodstuff susceptible to bacterial contamination, such as shigatoxin-producing Escherichia coli shall be met.

Failure to meet the prescribed growing and production conditions poses a risk of occurrence of serious diseases which, under certain conditions, may lead to death, which were the cases from abroad in the past years.

In the case of this inspected person, repeated detection of illegal production of mungo sprouts is concerned, see the CAFIA press release of 3rd December 2018.

CAFIA will initiate an administrative procedure on imposition of a fine with the inspected person.

CAFIA informs all mungo sprouts growers that, apart from the duty to notify the commencement of this activity, they also have to undergo the abovementioned approval process. Detailed information is available in the relevant section of the CAFIA websites.


Article by: Mgr. Pavel Kopřiva – CAFIA Spokesperson, phone:+420 542 426 633 

23rd June 2021