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CAFIA releases Annual Report 2018


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) releases its complete Annual Report for the year 2018. The electronic Report published on the CAFIA website is available to the broad public, consumers, food business operators as well as to media. Selected information has already been presented within the press conference held by the Ministry of Agriculture and CAFIA in Prague on 27th March 2019.

Results of the inspection activities carried out in 2018 confirm that the highest number of violations is connected with foodstuffs imported from third countries (25.1%), further with foodstuffs made by producers based in the EU (16.9%) while domestic production represents the lowest number of violations – 13% of the assessed lots. This is the trend of the recent years and the last year’s results show that products of domestic producers are the most reliable.

In 2018, CAFIA made the total of 43,401 entries into premises of food business operators, public caterers, customs warehouses and Internet shops. Out of this number, 25,067 inspection entries have been made into retails, 14,290 into public catering premises, 5,868 entries into food production premises, 1,876 into wholesale storages, 599 into primary production, and 1,041 into other premises (for example during transport, into customs warehouses etc.).

Within these inspections, the total of 3,514 non-compliant lots of foodstuffs and further products were found.

The most problematic commodities are following: honey (46.3% non-compliant lots out of the total number assessed), meat products (19%), wine (23.9%), fresh fruit (16.9%), milk products (18.3%), shell nuts (28.2%) and food supplements (14%).

Further information related for example to administrative procedures, total amount of imposed fines and more detailed statistics are available in the Annual Report 2018 which could be downloaded from the CAFIA website.


Article by: Mgr. Radoslav Pospíchal – Officer for Media Communication,  phone: +420 542 426 613 

12thJune 2019