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CAFIA found misleadingly labelled kabanos sausage with “beef”


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) found adulterated meat product “PIKOK KABANOSY”, dry salami – smoked product, weight: 175 g, lot: L0197/F140/05293; best before date by: 12.02.2019, producer: TARCZYŇSKI S.A., Uježdziec Maly 80, 55-100 Trzebnica, Poland. The product was detected within a targeted inspection.

The producer stated, inter alia, on the labelling: 100 g of the product (was made) of 158 g meat (out of which 150 g was pork and 8 g was beef). However, laboratory analysis proved that the product contained less than 1% of beef. The information on the labelling thus misled consumers as regards the real content of the foodstuff. The inspected person thus violated European Regulation No. 1169/2011 on provision of foodstuffs to consumers, namely as regards misleading of consumers.

The inspectors sampled the foodstuff at the premises of Lidl Česká republika v.o.s., Velebudická 3303/1a, Most.

CAFIA ordered withdrawal of the foodstuff in question from all its branches and will initiate an administrative procedure on imposition of a fine with the inspected person.

Note: As regards dry (durable and fermented) meat products, the weight of the final product after drying shall be indicated on the labelling as well as the weight of single ingredients before drying. That is why the sum of the weight of the ingredients is higher than the total weight of the final product.


Article by: Pavel Kopřiva, CAFIA Spokesperson, + 420 542 426 633

8th March 2019