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CAFIA Annual Report 2012



1 Introduction
Results of CAFIA Activities 
    2.1 Control Activities
           2.1.1 Focus of Control Activities in 2012           
Overall Summaries of Inspection Results
           2.1.3 Inspection of Microbiological Requirements
           2.1.4 Summary of Checks on Selected Groups of Inorganic Substances
           2.1.5 Inspection of Food Labelling and Food Quality
           2.1.6 Thematic and Ad-hoc Inspections
           2.1.7 Inspection of Production Processes
           2.1.8 Trade Inspections
           2.1.9 Suggestions for Inspetions
           2.1.10 Measures
           2.1.11 Inspection of Internet Trade
     2.2 Laboratory Activities
           2.2.1 Inter-laboratory Comparative Tests
           2.2.2 Database System for Isotopic Wine Analyses
     2.3 Certification Activities
     2.4 Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
     2.5 Information and Communication System
     2.6 Legislation
           2.6.1 Creating and Commenting on Legal Regulations
           2.6.2 Participation in the Discussions of Working Groups of the European Commision and Council of the EU
           2.6.3 Legal Activities
     2.7 Cooperation with other Authorities and Institutions in the CR
International Relations
     3.1 International Cooperation
     3.2 International Projects
Public Relations 
Human Resources
     5.1 Internal Communication
     5.2 Employee Training
Report on the Financial Management 
7 Conclusion
8 Abbreviations and Explanations