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Unsafe cherry tomatoes on the Czech market

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) received a notification through the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) notifying of possible presence of cherry tomatoes from Morocco on the Czech market that cause health complications – vomiting, impaired digestion or stomach cramps. The notification was received from French supervisory authorities that have registered 16 cases of health complications so far. Prompt investigation carried out by CAFIA showed that French company IDYL sas from Chateaurenard exported 50,784 kg of unsafe lots of cherry tomatoes into the CR, namely by company ČEROZFRUCHT s. r. o, based in Nehvizdy near Prague. Unsafe lots were imported between 20th April and 2nd May 2014 and subsequently distributed into the retail network of companies Kaufland Česká republika, v. o. s., Billa s. r. o. and, in small amount, also to Penny Market s. r. o. CAFIA ordered the traders to immediately withdraw the unsafe lots from their retail network.
CAFIA recommends all consumers who purchased goods labelled as Cherry tomato, ČEROZFRUCHT s. r. o, country of origin Morocco and bearing one of the following lots 3019597, 3020584, 3019464, 3019567, 3017091, 3019596, 3019450, 3017973, 3018513, 3021528, 3020069, 3027571, 3020959, 3011450, 3020632, they do not consume the foodstuff in question. CAFIA further recommends all consumers they keep elementary hygiene rules, in particular they wash all fresh fruit and vegetables with potable water before they eat them.

Author: Mgr. Pavel Kopřiva , phone : +420 542 426 633