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Another spirit drink from Verdana storehouse contains 50 % of methanol, Inspection Authority warns against all products of Likérka Drak company

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (hereinafter “CAFIA” only) identified another spirit drink from a non-registered storehouse of VERDANA s.r.o. which contained extraordinary high concentration of methanol.  The spirit drink was found in Zlín´s locality Rybníky. CAFIA analysis detected presence of methanol in concentration from 500,400 to 500,700 milligrams per liter of absolute alcohol (mg/l a.a.) in three samples of product Original vodka jemná of 40% of alcohol, in package ŕ 0.42l with label and tax stamp of Likérka Drak s.r.o. Methanol thus represented a half of all alcohol in the consumer's package. It is second product from the above-mentioned storehouse which contains high toxic mixture in consumer's package. Moreover, the products again miss information about their lots, i.e. the obligatory information which may help to clearly identify the range of unsafe products.    
In total 15,261 bottles of Original vodka jemná ŕ 0.42 l, which represents 6,410 liters of spirit drink, were found in storehouse of VERDANA s.r.o. The above-mentioned amount of spirit drinks is able to threaten health and life of thousands of persons.
With regard to the released findings, CAFIA warns that products with label Likérka Drak are suspicious of failing to comply with requirements for food safety. Pursuant to Article 19 paragraph 3 and 4 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002, all sellers and distributors of Likérka Drak s.r.o. products are required to withdraw these products from the market. For the same reason, CAFIA strongly recommends all consumers not consuming any spirit drinks with label of Likérka Drak.
In previous days, the Inspection Authority informed about detection of extraordinary high concentration of methanol in product Original Tuzemák of 40% of alcohol in bottles ŕ 0.42 l with label and tax stamp Likérka Drak.

Author: Mgr. Pavel Kopřiva , phone : +420 542 426 633