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Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed – RASFF works on the basis of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 178/2002 and the Regulation of the Commission (EU) No. 16/2011, which set out the implementation measures for the system of rapid exchange of information on food and feed. The functioning of this system in the Czech Republic is defined in detail by Government Decree No. 98/2005 Coll., which establishes the rapid alert system on the risk of danger to health from foods and feeds, which sets out the general principles and requirements for food rights, established the European Office for Food Safety and sets out the procedures concerning food safety.
RASFF is a mutually connected network which joins EU member states with the European Commission and the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA). The main purpose of this system is to prevent danger to consumers from dangerous foods or (by way of) animal feeds.
According to §15 paragraph 4 of Act No.110/97 Coll., on Food and Tobacco Products, as amended, the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA), is the National Contact Point for the RASFF.
The national contact point collects information from all supervisory bodies in the field of foodstuffs and animal feeds in the Czech Republic: The State Veterinary Administration, CAFIA, Public Health Protection bodies and the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture. Further participants in the national early warning system also cooperate with the National Contact Point: The Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, State Office for Nuclear Safety, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice and the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information. The coordination point is the secretariat of the Food Safety Coordination Group at the Ministry of Agriculture.
There is a two-way flow of information on the occurrence of dangerous products, with supervisory bodies in the Czech Republic receiving information about dangerous products, which could be on the Czech market from the national contact point, and subsequently carrying out controls within their competency. The European Commission is then informed of the facts, which were gained in connection with the information from the EU, and of the measures implemented.
If one of the supervisory bodies in the Czech Republic learns of the occurrence of dangerous products, the National Contact Point sends the information received from the individual members of the national system to the European Commission. The Czech Republic is then informed about the controls carried out in EU member states.
A summary of original or supplementary reports can be found on the website of the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information.
A short video on how the RASFF works can be found at this link link.

Functional scheme for the working of the Rapid Alert System RASFF

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