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Quality Management System in CAFIA


Quality Management System in CAFIA

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority has had a quality management system (QMS) in operation since 2005. In 2020 the Authority passed its recertification and the system is currently certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016. 

The quality management system was built as a part of the international Phare project "Strengthening the Policy on Food Safety".

The management of the organisation declares its intentions in its Quality Policy and it sets out annual quality targets in order to fulfill it.

During the process analysis, a total of 16 processes were identified and included in the quality management system. The primary process - inspection activity, is carried out in accordance with legislation, with the requirements of the governing body and with the internal regulations of CAFIA.

QMS struktura.png

The "end users of services" from the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority, or the final "customers" of the process of "control activity" are the consumers of selected products and foodstuffs, which are checked by CAFIA inspection. In the meaning of the protection of consumer´s rights according to the Declaration of the UN General Assembly, the specific and non-specific requirements of the customer are included in the legal regulations of the Czech Republic and the community rights for the field of state control, consumer protection, general product safety and further regulations relevant for the control activities by CAFIA. Therefore, the Authority ensures the fulfillment of the requirements of the "customer" (the consumer of selected foodstuffs and products) by carrying out inspections to ensure the observance of the aforementioned legislation and by informing the consumers of the results of its control activities.
The Authority has established mechanisms in its internal regulations for communication with consumers in the regime:
  • accepting suggestions for controls
  • accepting requests for the provision of information in accordance with Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on Free Access to Information
  • receiving complaints about CAFIA activities

Every consumer who is dissatisfied with the quality of foodstuffs, has the right to send the Czech Agriculture and Food Authority a suggestion for an inspection.
The Authority uses various methods to monitor the satisfaction of its customers - media monitoring, evaluation of the survey on its website, or by way of Public opinion research.
In addition to the interests of consumers, the control activity is planned and carried out on the basis of the requirements of the governing body (Ministry of Agriculture) and after consultation with other interested parties (cooperating supervisory bodies in the Czech Republic and abroad, consumer associations, other ministries, etc.).
The Authority informs of the results of its control activities via the media, by way of press releases (, press conferences, its own website, etc.
The functionality and effectiveness of the system is continuously checked by internal audits and annually audited by the independent certification body.
The Quality Management System helps CAFIA to:
  • check the quality of CAFIA activities affecting state supervision over food safety,
  • analyse the cause of problems and take measures to remedy,
  • check the implementation of remedial measures and analyse their effectiveness,
  • continually improve the main process – control activities