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CAFIA Control Activities

Due to the fact that the technology of production of frozen vegetable mixtures does not always allow the exact amounts of each type of vegetable used to be measured so that it strictly complies with the decreasing order of content, when checking the labelling and content of vegetables CAFIA will proceed as follows:
  1. If the frozen vegetable mixture recipe includes around 50% of carrots (or another vegetable type) and the percentage of the following types of vegetables (e.g. peas and sweetcorn) are approximately the same, at around 25% (sometimes more sweetcorn, sometimes more peas), CAFIA will regard the following designation as acceptable: Composition: carrots, with varying proportions of peas and sweetcorn.
  2. If the name of the frozen vegetable mixture verbally emphasises one component, such as sweetcorn, the amount of this vegetable must be stated in the composition. Since the dosage cannot be set at an exact percentage, CAFIA will accept designations of the verbally highlighted element as follows: at least 20 % sweetcorn.
  3. If the frozen vegetable mixture recipe includes around 25% e.g., of carrots and cabbage, and the other vegetables in the mixture are present in smaller quantities, which vary slightly, and cannot be clearly labelled in descending order according to type, the following designation will be acceptable for CAFIA: Composition: carrots, cabbage (in varying proportions), beans, cauliflower, leek, onion... (in varying proportions), provided that the vegetables listed before "in varying proportions", are listed in descending order according to the recipe. So that, for example the proportions of beans and cauliflower will be around 15%, with leek and onion about 5%.

In the case of check of the proportions of each vegetable in the mixture, which should be listed in decreasing order, during the evaluation in the laboratory CAFIA will take into account that vegetables contained at similar percentages according to the recipe may actually be in reverse order.