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Notification of selected foodstuffs pursuant to Decree No. 172/2015 Coll.

Decree No. 172/2015 Coll. (repealing decree No. 320/2014 Coll.) on notification obligation of the food recipient in the place of destination related to certain sorts of foodstuffs is applicable since 1st August 2015. The Decree is implementing regulation to Act on Foodstuffs (Act No. 110/1997 Coll.), which in its Section 3d Para 3 provides for the obligation of the food business operators (hereinafter “FBO” only) to inform relevant supervisory authorities on the reception of selected sorts of foodstuffs originating in another EU Member State or a third country.  
The Decree applies only to those foodstuffs which are destined into the territory of the Czech Republic where the goods are received, handled or manipulated for the first time. That means that it concerns all subjects that are the first recipients or handlers of foodstuffs of plant origin including subjects that import or directly sell foodstuffs of plant origin including various types of mobile shops.
The food business operator (FBO) shall notify the foodstuffs in the place of destination.
List of foodstuffs of plant origin concerned by the Government Regulation:
  • Fresh fruit:
  1. Peaches and nectarines
  2. Pears
  3. Apples
  4. Plums and damson plums
  5. Oranges
  6. Bananas and
  7. Table wine grapes
  • Fresh vegetables:
  1. Onion and garlic
  2. Carrot, and knob celery
  3. Tomatoes, peppers and salad cucumbers
  4. Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli
  • Early consumable potatoes and late consumable potatoes
  • Poppy seeds
  • Food supplements
Mandatory information that have to be provided by the FBO in the place of destination pursuant to the Government Regulation:
  • Sort of the foodstuffs arriving into the place of destination,
  • Amount of foodstuffs arriving into the place of destination,
  • Member State or third country, name and address of the FBO dispatching the foodstuff into the place of destination,
  • Name, address and identification numberof the place of destination and recipient of the foodstuff,
  • Date of arrival of the foodstuffs into the places of destination.
How to inform:
Information on the arrival of the foodstuff has to be delivered by the FBO using the CAFIA notification web form. The information shall be sent 24 hours before the arrival of the foodstuffs at the latest.
Procedure for registration of the notifying subject and for notification of foodstuffs:

1. Registration

Registration shall be carried out on:
Filling of all boxes is mandatory.
The register form is sent after clicking on “Registrovat” button (“Register”). The registration is finished by confirmation.

2. Food notification

Notification of foodstuffs is carried out on after indicating an email address into the register form and a password generated by the system, which was sent to the e-mail address given in the registration form.
If forgotten, new password can be retrieved on by clicking on “Získat přihlašovácí heslo zde” (“get new login password”).
Excel form can be also used for bulk import (you can download the file HERE). Properly completed form can be imported after login in the section marked “Hlášení souborem” After successful upload, a pdf file with the results of the import is sent to the registered email address. In case of poorly completed form it is necessary to correct the marked rows in excel form and upload the previously failed notification in new excel file.
Boxes indicated by (*) are mandatory and the form will not be sent until they are completed.
Receiver of foodstuffs – is filled automatically, pursuant to the registration data of the notifying subject
Place of destination of foodstuffs
Same as the address of the recipient = ticking box
  • If it remains ticked off, the address of the notifying subject is the place of destination.
  • If the tick is removed, following boxes will appear to be filled:
Name, ID, Address, Nr., Municipality, ZIP Code, Region – name of the company, ID, address, Nr., Municipality, ZIP Code and Region of the destination of the foodstuffs
Sender of foodstuffs
Items Name, ID, Address, Nr., Municipality, ZIP Code, Country are mandatory.
Information on the consignment
Sort of the foodstuffs – to be chosen from the scroll list
  • The commodities are laid down by Regulation
Country of origin – country of origin of the foodstuff is indicated, not the country from where the foodstuff is dispatched.
Amount – only digits 0 - 9 and comma are acceptable in this field. Choose unit from the list list (kg – fruits and vegetables, potatoes, wine grapes other than table grapes and poppy seeds; l – products made of grapes; both kg and l plus ks can be used for food supplements).
Further items, such as CN, name of the foodstuff, producer, lot number, best before date, use by date, number of packaging, sort of packaging and expected selling price per unit in the place of destination are not mandatory.
A template could be used to complete the form, namely by selection at the beginning of the notification. The procedure is described in point 3 bellow.

3. Completed notification can be saved as a template which could be used for another notification – before sending the notification by button “Uložit šablonu” (“Save the template”) – the template has to be named. If a name of a template which had already been entered is used, then the template is rewritten. 

4. After filling all mandatory boxes, press button “Odeslat” (“Send”).

After the notification is sent successfully, notice “nahlášení proběhlo úspěšně”  (“Notification was carried out successfully”) appears. Then press button “OK” and you will be redirected back into the notification form.

5. After clicking the “OK” button, the dialogue window disappears and the last completed notification appears and this window could be used to complete a new notification – when completing more similar notifications, there is no need to fill all boxes again.

6. The notifying subject will receive a confirmation e-mail with an assigned registration number. The notified foodstuff will appear in the List of notifications, where the date of submission, registration number, sender, sort of foodstuff, country of origin and date of arrival of the foodstuff are visible. The notification is sent automatically to the respective Inspectorate.

7. The notifying subject can change the data that were filled during the registration and that are filled automatically into the notification. This amendment can be done in part Změna údajů(“Modify Information”). The password generated by the system can be changed as well.

Failure to notify foodstuffs means violation of legislation.