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Inspections confirmed high quality of foodstuffs with KLASA trademark and Regional Food label as well as foodstuffs made in compliance with Czech Guild Quality Standards


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority regularly performs inspection activities focused on foodstuffs awarded the KLASA trademark and Regional Food label. Newly also foodstuffs of which labelling stated “Made in compliance with Czech guild standards.” As in the previous years, results of the inspections carried out in 2022 confirmed high quality and safety of these foodstuffs. From the point of view of CAFIA detections, this is the least problematic food category. As regards other categories, inspectors usually detected by one order higher proportions of non-compliant samples.

In the previous year the total of 117 lots of foodstuffs awarded by the KLASA trademark were assessed out of which only 4 failed to comply with all the assessed parameters.

The inspectors further assessed 96 lots of foodstuffs awarded by the Regional Food label. Only 3 lots failed to comply with the quality requirements of legislation.

Foodstuffs with the KLASA trademark and Regional Food label have to comply not only with requirements laid down by national and European legislation but also with requirements laid down by conditions for the use of the quality brand which are beyond the usual standard. I. e. higher proportion of meat in meat products, stricter regulation of the use of sweeteners, colorants and further additives or higher demands as regards taste and consistency of the foodstuffs are concerned.

Last year, CAFIA also carried out an inspection of products with stating "Made compliant to the Czech Guild Standard" (CGQS). The aim was to check whether these foodstuffs misled consumers by failing to comply with the quality requirements laid down by the CGQS.

The inspectors assessed the total of 54 lots of foodstuffs with the CGQS logo, none of which were non-compliant as regards the parameters laid down by the requirements of the CGQS.

Foodstuffs made according to the CGQS beyond the requirements of national and European regulations contain mandatory ingredients, guarantee technological procedures, sensory parameters and superior parameters of the foodstuffs. They are intended to guarantee a higher quality of the foodstuffs in question compared to other foodstuffs of the same type on the market and, in particular, a guaranteed content of only those ingredients listed in the standard.

Overview of all assessed samples of foodstuffs awarded the national quality trademark KLASA and Regional Food label for 2022 is published on the Food Pillory website in section Thematic controls.

CAFIA inspectors have been checking foodstuffs with quality brands already for 20 years on regular basis. Results of the inspections constantly confirm the highest quality of the assessed Czech foodstuffs.


Article by: Mgr. Pavel Kopřiva – CAFIA Spokesperson, phone:+420 542 426 633 

13th January 2023