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CAFIA Laboratory Activities


The checks of the aforementioned requirements are provided by two CAFIA laboratories, which are accredited by Czech Institute of Accreditation in accordance with requirements of ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with regard to the specialisation of each workplace. For example, the laboratory at the CAFIA Inspectorate in Prague specialises in analyses of pesticides, spirits and mycotoxins. The laboratory at the CAFIA Inspectorate in Brno specialises in analyses of wine.

The prerequisites for the activities of the CAFIA testing laboratories include ensuring the metrology subsystem, in which the requirements contained in the accreditation criteria are implemented, requirements for ensuring the accuracy of measuring equipment, as well as requirements stated in the standards contained in the ISO 9000 series.
Certification of the accreditation of the CAFIA laboratories can be found in the list of files below, with the current annexes to these certificates available on the web pages of the Czech Institute for Accreditation.