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CAFIA found further cases of consumers’ misleading regarding origin of beef in Prague restaurants


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) continues with intensive inspections focused on the truth of information provided in relation to the origin of beef at the premises of public catering. CAFIA currently found further cases of misleading of consumers in two Prague restaurants:

1) In restaurant Pizzerie Palatino, Běhounkova 2579/8, Prague operated by M-IMPO, s.r.o.; following meals were offered in the menu:

- INSALATA RUMPSTEAK – fresh baby spinach, mustard-honey sauce, grilled cherry tomatoes, steak of Argentinian sirloin beef, walnuts

- FILETTO ALLA GRIGLIA – marinated steak of Argentinian sirloin beef

- STEAK ALLA BOSCAIOLA – marinated steak of Argentinian round beef with grilled mushrooms and bacon

- RUMPSTEAK AL PESTO - Argentinian round beef with pesto

Based on the submitted purchasing documents and information on the original label on the packaging of the raw materials, the inspectors detected that the inspected person misled consumers as meat from Uruguay, Paraguay and Brasilia was used, however, the stated origin was Argentina.


2) At the premises of restaurant EL Barrio de Angel operated by CMC leisure spol. s r.o., Lidická 284/42, Prague; following meals were offered:

- Rib eye steak of Argentinian beef with chimichurri sauce and wine jam (Cabernet Sauvignon)

- Steak of Argentinian short loin beef with chimichurri sauce and wine jam (Cabernet Sauvignon)

- Steak of Argentinian sirloin beef

- Grilled Argentinian beef slices (sirloin, rib eye steak, short loin steak, flank steak) with roasted potato and grilled chili pepper

Checking purchasing documents and information on the original label of raw materials, inspectors found out that the meat used for preparation of the meals originated in Uruguay.

The inspected persons were imposed measure not to provide consumers with misleading information on the used foodstuffs/raw materials in menus. CAFIA will also initiate administrative procedure on imposition of a fine with the inspected persons.

With regard to the current results, CAFIA will further continue with inspections of this assortment with the same intensity.


Article by: Radoslav Pospíchal, CAFIA Officer for Media Communication,

+ 420 542 426 613

19th February 2019