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CAFIA Control Activities

Information on compliance controls valid in the Czech Republic from 1/1/ 2009.
What is Cross Compliance?
One of the main issues in contemporary agricultural policy is solving the negative impact of agriculture on landscape and the environment. The system of compliance controls was introduced during the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy in 2003, and has become one of the key elements in negotiations aimed at preserving European subsidies for agriculture in the future.
From 1/1/2009, the payment of direct financial support and other forms of grants in the Czech Republic is "conditioned" by the soil being kept in a good agricultural and environmental state, compliance with mandatory environmental obligations and obligations on public health, health of animals and plants, good environmental conditions of animals and the minimum requirements within agro-environmental provisions.
If the grant applicant does not comply with these conditions, the level of the grant to be paid out may be reduced or even completely denied. The fulfillment of standards and requirements is checked by inspection of the fulfillment of the so-called checked requirements. Their form and the inspection method is determined by each EU country, based on the national conditions.
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