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Pay attention to the recommended dosage

Food originating from Asia is becoming more and more popular among Czech consumers. Traders respond to this increased demand and hence the number of shops specialised in sale of Asian foodstuffs is rising as well. However, findings of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority show that consumers should pay higher attention to information on the packaging, in particular to the recommended use and dosage.

Announcement by Nutricia a.s.

Nutricia announces withdrawal from the market of Hami Purée Good Night with Bananas (Hami kaše na dobrou noc s banány), best before: 04.08.2009 for the reason of package confusion and thus incorrect labelling and consumer deception.

Inspectors checked sale of food at flea markets in Prague

Today, food can be bought at many unusual places, for example, in pharmacies or chemists. However, time after time, consumers may happen to find food sold at flea markets. Inspectors of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority therefore set out on a well-known flea market in Prague on Kolbenova Street to check sales conditions of food.

Inspection Authority checked Czech wine special sales event in Interspar

On Thursday 20 May, some media reported that the chain store Interspar conducted a sales event during which wines from Spain and Hungary were offered in shelves marked as “Wines from Moravia, Wines from Bohemia”. According to the media, this logo also appeared on a bottle of Chardonnay from Víno Mikulov, originating in Slovakia.

Watch out for mouldy organic beans

Inspectors of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority have recently identified two cases of packages of organic beans some of which were mouldy present on the market. In either case, they were beans from big consignments from China, packed by PRO-BIO s.r.o.

Amendment to the Food Act and the Act on the CAFIA entered into force

On Thursday 15 May, Act No 120/2008 Coll., amending the Act on foodstuffs and tobacco products and the Act on the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority entered into force. The amendment lays down some new obligations on food business operators. The Inspection Authority acquired new competencies, but also obligations too.

Chains still make mistakes when selling cheese substitutes

The issue of cheese substitutes, so called analogues, has recently stirred public opinion. They are products for the production of which milk constituents were partly or fully replaced with other constituents, usually with vegetable fat. Such products have their relevance in the market; however, they can be sold only under certain conditions laid down by the European regulations.

Can cut fruit be sold?

Fruit in stores is available in many forms; however, first of all, it is necessary to distinguish between fresh and processed fruit.

How the CAFIA check meat content in frozen fish products

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority have been paying attention to the marketing of frozen fish products for a long time.

How inspection by the Inspection Authority can also look like

The work of inspectors of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority is not always easy. There are situations when business operators refuse to let them in, sometimes the inspectors have to put up with cries and anger of business owners or management; it happened that someone let a dog on them. Recent inspection in a bakery in Prague 8 – Dolní Chabry also took place under curious circumstances.