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More than 700 kilograms of raisins with undeclared allergen got onto the Czech market

Cereals containing gluten, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, peanuts, milk, soya, mustard, celery, fish, crustaceans, eggs, etc. – there are allegies to all of these foodstuffs. People suffering from them have to accommodate their diet to limit in it or exclude from it completely the foodstuff, they are allergic to.

Contamination source of infant water Horský pramen was revealed

In first two weeks of March the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority warned the public of two batches of infant water Horský pramen in five litre packagings at which the contamination with foreign organic substances (e. g. toluene, chloroform, dichlorbrommethane) was confirmed by means of laboratory analyses.

CAFIA participates in campaign against imitations and illegal pharmaceuticals

An information campaign "Dangerous Medicaments" was launched in Prague today. The campaign is focused on imitations and illegal pharmaceuticals and it is organised by the State Institute for Drug Control. The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority is one of the partners of the campaign.

CAFIA revealed another non-complying batch of infant water Horský Pramen

CAFIA laboratory analyses showed that another batch of infant water Horský Pramen failed to comply with requirements of legislation. Namely, it is a batch with best before date by 29.7.2010, again in 5 litre packaging.

CAFIA banned one batch of infant water Horský pramen

Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority banned packaged infant water Horský pramen (packaging PET bottle 5 litres, best before date 02.08.2010) because laboratory analyses revealed presence of toluen in the above mentioned water. The measured amount of toluen is rather minute, e. g. 0,2 micrograms per litre, however, no foreign organic substances can occur in infant waters in detectable amount.

Consumers do not read data on foodstuffs; these are unreadable for them and in addition, they cease to believe them

In comparison with the year 2005 the number of people who do not pay attention to data on food packaging, has risen. While then 49 % did not read them, today it is already 56 %.

CAFIA reviews the year 2009

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority carried out more than 95 thousand of targeted inspections in 2009, thus 20 thousand controls more than previous year.

CAFIA ordered to withraw the rice flour containing undeclared gluten

Foodstuff labelling is an extensive field of control, the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority aims at. Legislation determines a whole range of data that have to be marked on the foodstuff, so that the consumer is as well informed as possible and is able to decide adequately according to his preferences when shopping.

Not even the so-called Pi Water can promise healing or preventive effects

Pi Water began to spread in Europe at the the beginning of the nineties. It is ordinary tap water at which the physical structure was changed by means of various devices for water treatment.

CAFIA keeps controlling foodstuffs from China due to melamine content

Almost a year and a half has passed since the whole world was shaken by the case of melamine in foodstuffs originating in China. Chinese farmers with the awareness of Chinese producers added melamine to milk in order to conceal its unfavourable nutritional values.