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CAFIA revealed deception in keeping record of grapes’ origin

In past weeks Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority carried out an extensive inspection focused on keeping wine record. CAFIA inspectors particularly aimed at origin traceability of purchased grapes processed to quality variety wines declared as domestic. Inspections, which were carried out both at grape producers, middlemen and wine producers themselves, brought surprising results.

Foodstuffs affected by floodwater should better be disposed

In connection with the devastating floods, the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority again reminds the rules how to handle foodstuffs in the struck areas.

CAFIA ordered to withdraw processed cheese of Italian origin

In recent days Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority solved suggestion from a consumer who found small foreign particles in a sliced cheese packaging. The suggestion concerned Processed Sliced Cheese Amore Toast, processed product of Gouda cheese (packaging 85 g, best before date: 22 September 2010) which was produced in Italy. Inspectors immediately carried out an inspection of this cheese in the retail chain and they really found out that there were several millimeters big and sharp particles of unknown origin in other packagings of the same cheese lot.

Inspection Authority warns against codfish liver from Poland

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority recently carried out an inspection pointed at the safety of tinned codfish liver. Samples were taken and a laboratory analysis for verification of the content of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) was carried out.

True facts about new requirements for the so-called ‘E-numbers’

From this day on a new provision of the European regulation on labelling of certain food colours, namely E 102 (Tartrazine), E 104 (Quinoline yellow), E 110 (Sunset yellow FCF), E 122 (Azorubine), E 124 (Ponceau 4R or also Cochineal Red A), E 129 (Allura Red AC) enters into force.

CAFIA banned Polish ice cream

Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority banned sale of ice cream with coconut in cocoa icing Imperium kokos (packaging 125 ml, best before date 08. 06. 2011) because laboratories confirmed presence of peanuts in it, however, their content was not declared in food ingredients.

Inspection Authority warns against food supplement Magic Power Coffee

Member States of the EU were warned through the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed against food supplement Magic Power Coffee originated from the USA. The food supplement in question is sold in the form of instant coffee beverage enriched with further ingredients (vitamins, Chinese matrimony, and ginseng). According to the producer, the product is manufactured solely from natural raw materials and has strong aphrodisiac effects. However, the American Food and Drug Administration detected presence of hydroxythiohomosildenafil in the product in question and therefore warned American consumers against consumption of this supplement. General warning against this supplement was also sent through the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) to all EU Member States.

Food Inspection Authority concluded the assessment of retail chains

At the close of 2008, the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority announced its intention to assess retail chains and subsequently release results of this assessment. For this purpose, a special statistical method was developed in cooperation with the University of Technology. This method considers different number of premises of single chains, different number and scope of inspections. Based on the results, it can be determined whether there are statistically significant differences among the subjects assessed. Representatives of all the chains assessed were acquainted with the rules, methodology and results in detail.

CAFIA cooperates with the National Antidrug Central Office

On Wednesday 9 June Martin Klanica, authorized to deputize the CAFIA Director General, and Jakub Frydrych, Director of the National Antidrug Central Office of Criminal Police and Investigation Service of the Police of the Czech Republic, signed together an agreement about mutual cooperation when solving cases of food supplements containing substances with anabolic or other hormonal effect.