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There is a new obligation for sellers since 1st January 2015, namely to provide information on the composition of non-packaged bakery products. Which is the minimum manner how sellers can provide this information and comply thus with this obligation?

Votes: 3
Correct answer: c) On request at the staff


Which competence newly falls under responsibility of CAFIA since 1st January 2015?

Votes: 7
Correct answer: c) Public catering


Which form of fish/fish products do you buy most often?

Votes: 2


Who is responsible for enforcement of fines imposed on food business operators by the Inspection Authority in administrative procedure?

Votes: 6
Correct Answer: Customs Authorities of the CR


Would you like introduction of obligation to indicate composition of non-packaged bakery products in their close distance in paper form in retails ?

Votes: 2