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Inquiries results

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Where can you find the information of the country of origin of raw packaged eggs?

Votes: 4
Correct answer: b) From the code on eggs themselves


How many entries into the premises of public catering (e.g. restaurants, fast foods, bars) were carried out by CAFIA in 2016?

Votes: 5
Correct answer: c) More than 10,000 (10 114)


When purchasing packaged “juices” do you follow the content of fruit ingredient in the composition?

Votes: 3


Must all food manufacturers declare the nutrition information on labels of food products since 13 December 2016?

Votes: 4
Right answer: Both answers b) and d) are correct.


Do you know the difference between confectionary and bakery product?

Votes: 2
Correct answer: b) confectionary product is an adjusted finished bakery product