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CAFIA releases results of long-term inspection focused on fruit and vegetables


With regard to the unsatisfactory situation on the market and also the amount of consumers’ suggestions, the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) focused on correct labelling of origin, safety and quality of fresh fruit, vegetables and potatoes offered on markets, stalls and by suppliers.

The inspection activity was carried out from 1st December 2016 to 31st October 2017 and was focused on the correctness of labelling and compliance of information provided to consumers in the near proximity to goods with information in accompanying documents, traceability of goods, and sampling for determination of pesticide residues.

CAFIA inspectors carried out the total of 569 targeted inspections at operators of stalls, suppliers and producers. Out of this number, 486 inspections were carried out at stalls, 40 at primary producers, 23 in retails shops, 15 in wholesale storages and 6 at some other places.

85 inspections ended up with an unsatisfactory detection. The most detections were found at stalls, namely in 81 cases. The most frequent deficiencies were incomplete labelling by all mandatory data, in particular missing information on the country of origin and quality category. In 12 cases the sellers failed to indicate the country of origin at all, in 11 cases, they misled consumers and in 67 cases, legislation was violated by failure to submit accompanying documentation and correctness of the labelling could not be verified. In 24 cases, sellers failed to comply with legal obligation to co-operate and additionally provide the documentation.

Certain operators also failed to notify the import of products pursuant to Decree No. 172/2015 Coll., on mandatory obligation of the recipient of the foodstuffs in the place of destination, or the commencement of the subject of activities at CAFIA, and placing fresh fruit, vegetables and potatoes on the market.

One non-compliant sample as regards the content of pesticides was also found out.

The quality of sold fruit and vegetables was on a high level and mostly in compliance with legislation.

CAFIA will initiate an administrative procedure on imposition of a fine with the persons that violated legislation. CAFIA will carry on performance of targeted inspections of these operators.


Article by: Radoslav Pospíchal, CAFIA Officer for Media Communication, + 420 542 426 613