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CAFIA closed 129 premises this year due to serious violations of food legislation


Results of inspections carried out by the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) in previous three quarters show that the situation in the area of keeping requirements of food law still remains on very unsatisfactory level. Since 1st January to 30th September 2017, CAFIA inspectors had to close down 129 premises due to serious violations of hygiene requirements. Out of this number, 5 wholesales, 15 manufacturing premises, 64 retails, 44 public catering premises, and 1 Internet shop were concerned.

In particular unacceptable conditions at the premises were the main reasons for closing. Deficiencies consist in failure to ensure safety of offered meals or stored foodstuffs. The inspectors often detected neglected cleaning in long-term horizon, such as layers of grease, dust and remains of foodstuffs on kitchen equipment, floor and stores, mould on walls, neglected waste disposal, missing warm water supply making proper cleaning of glass impossible, non-compliant conditions of bathrooms, etc. Presence of pests and excrements near stored foodstuffs, foodstuffs damaged by mice gnawing both in the stores and directly in shops, and failure to ensure premises against access of pests, in particular rodents and insects created a special category.

When unacceptable hygiene conditions are detected at the premises, the inspectors impose ban on the use on the spot and they order the operator to remove the deficiencies detected. Subsequently, the inspectors carry out a follow-up inspection and assess whether the operator put the premises in compliance with legislation requirements and if so, the ban is lifted. Administrative procedure is also initiated with the inspected person.

Details of all closed premises including pictures are available on the Food Pillory in the section Establishments. Extended search enables to search in the database according to the type of the premises, region and further parameters.


Article by: Pavel Kopřiva, CAFIA Spokesperson

12th October 2017