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CAFIA analysis did not confirm presence of fipronil above limit in Zlaté venečky Opavia


Toxicological analysis of foodstuff – Opavia Zlaté věnečky žloutkové, seller: Mondelez Czech Republic s.r.o. – official sample taken during an inspection carried out in recent days by the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) did not confirm presence of contaminant fipronil exceeding the limit. The laboratory analysis detected presence of the contaminant amounting to the limit of detectability only. Its value, even after taking measurement uncertainty into account, did not reach the limit laid down by the EU legislation for used raw materials and foodstuffs as 0.005 mg/kg (milligrams of the contaminant per 1 kilogram of the foodstuff).

There was a suspicion that the foodstuff concerned could be contaminated by insecticide fipronil. This suspicion was based on a notification sent via the European Rapid Alert System (RASFF). According to this notification, a German producer sent a lot of dried egg yolk to a production plant of company Mondelez, at which later inspection detected contamination with fipronil. This raw material was processed into product Opavia – Zlaté věnečky žloutkové before reception of this information. After reception of the information on the contamination, the producer withdrew the lot in question from the market based on the precautionary principle.


Article by: Pavel Kopřiva, CAFIA Spokesperson

7th September 2017