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Couple of general recommendations for pre-Christmas shopping


Delicatessen products

Christmas is a time of family and friend encounters and visits. We try to entertain our guests by delicious meals as well. Together with sweets, also various salads, open sandwiches, spreads, aspics, baguettes appear on the table. When the right temperature is not kept during storage and delicatessen products are not treated appropriately, they get easily spoiled and the probability of occurrence of undesirable microorganismsi s higher than in case of other sorts of foodstuffs. We therefore recommend consumers they pay maximum attention to the selection of these products.
Recommendations for purchase and treating delicatessen products
  • Be sure that the name of the product, use by date and weight of non-packaged delicatessen products are provided on visible spot, are they sold after pieces.
  • Information on packaged products shall be indicated directly on the labelling, which should contain information on the producer, importer or trader, composition, weight, use by date and storing conditions. The two latter information is very important for appropriate treating the product or its suitable storing.
  • Pay attention to the way of storing of products in the place of sale. Delicatessen products should be stored in cooling boxes (the temperatures should not be higher than 5ºC).
  • The overall appearance of the products indicates a lot. Buy only those products that look fresh.
  • It is always good to observe the overall hygiene of the place of sale, whether the cooling boxes are clean as well as the staff.
  • Plies are used during the sale of non-packaged delicatessen products and other non-packaged foodstuffs intended for direct consumption as a matter of principle.


Mayonnaises are cold flavoured sauces into which egg yolks are added. They are produced by emulgation of edible plant oils and contain vinegar or further acid ingredients. For their preparation only thermally treated eggs can be used.
  • Mayonnaises can be placed on the market only in closed hermetic packagings.
  • Apart from usual information, such as the name of the product, composition, weight, producer, etc., use by date and storing temperature have to be indicated on the labelling of mayonnaise.
  • Mayonnaise is stored at non-volatile temperature from 0 °C to 15 °C.
  • In case of packaging bigger than 300g or 300 ml, there must be information for consumers "eat quickly after opening".