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Foodstuffs during summer period

Confectionery products are very desired and popular among consumers. Under certain conditions, in case of non-compliance with the set principles for production and sale, these products may cause an unpleasant surprise in the form of an alimentary disease. In view of their nature, these products are in a number of cases among products posing microbiological risk. Ingredients used and method of production may be a source of microbiological contamination, fillings are a suitable environment for growth of microbes.  
In order to prevent alimentary diseases it is necessary to use only ingredients of unimpaired quality during production and carefully comply with hygienic and technological procedures. Producers must take care to sufficiently prepare (temperature-wise) fillings, properly store and manipulate with fillings.
For example, regulations stipulate that fillings must be incorporated into products at the latest within 24 hours after production and if the fillings are stored during this period, temperature of 5 °C must not be exceeded. No other previously produced and stored filling may be mixed into the freshly finished filling. Transport packaging and means used for confectionery products may not be used for other goods (for example vegetables or meat products). 
Unwrapped confectionery products must be stored at temperatures up to 8 °C. This means that these products should not be displayed freely on shelves but in functioning refrigeration boxes and cases that ensure the required temperature. They must be placed in stores in such a way they are protected against contamination and contact with consumers.
Because these are perishable products the consumer must comply with certain rules: shorten the period for transportation of the products home to minimum and protect the product against contamination from external source, properly store the product at home on a cool place and consume the product as soon as possible.  

What to observe when buying

  • It is good to check what desserts look like and only pick undamaged, perfect pieces.  
  • Do not buy products with crumbled, burnt or underbaked base, deformed, dry, with melted fillings and dressings, contaminated in any way.
  • We should not allow a sales assistant to pick up unwrapped products directly with her hands, she should use handling instruments – tongs or other hygienic method of manipulation.
  • Desserts should be wrapped in a suitable functional packaging, boxes already used and contaminated with other foodstuffs should never be used.

Article by:
Inspectors, CAFIA Inspectorate in Ústí nad Labem