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Warning for consumers: CAFIA found sorghum flour with tropane alkaloids


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) found 4 non-compliant lots of sorghum flour containing unsafe alkaloids atropine and scopolamine which must not be present in foodstuffs. Following products are concerned:

  • Green Apotheke, 400g, best before date by April 2016, lot L0001, distribution: MEDIATE s.r.o. Dolní Libchavy 325, 561 16 Libchavy;
  • Adveni 250 g, best before date by 28th February 2016, distribution: ADVENI MEDICAL, s.r.o., Brno renneská street 407/29.
  • Natura 400 g, best before date by 2nd December 2015 and best before date by 9th July 2016, producer: NATURA Hustopeče s. r. o., Na Úvoze 4, 693 01 Hustopeče, Czech Republic;


As regards flour Green Apotheke 400 g, the laboratory analysis showed presence of atropine amounting to 1.5 mg per one kilogram (mg/kg) and scopolamine amounting to 0.46 mg/kg. As regards flour Adveni 250 g, atropine amounted to 1.2 mg/kg and scopolamine to 0.36 mg/kg. The two lots of mentioned flour Natura were made of the same lot as the defective lot of Green Apotheke and Adveni.

The lots in question were delivered inter alia into shops specialised in health nutrition. Complete list of customers is a subject of further investigation. CAFIA recommends all consumers who may have the lots concerned at home they do not eat them.


Article by: Pavel Kopřiva, the CAFIA Spokesperson, phone:+420 542 426 633