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Food Inspection Authority carried out more than 63 thousand controls in 2007


Year by year, the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority performs more controls which is also confirmed by data from 2007. Compared to 2006, more unsatisfactory samples were identified, more bans on marketing were imposed, and more administrative proceedings were closed (see the chart below).

Within 2007, CAFIA inspectors carried out a total of 29 672 entries to establishments of food business operators, of which 19781 were in the retail network, 7 956 in production, 1854 in warehouses, and 81 controls were carried out at other places (fox example in transport).

During the whole year, they thus revealed 5 553 unsatisfactory samples of foodstuffs and other products; the majority of them were identified in the retail network (4 794). The highest number of unsatisfactory samples were identified at fresh vegetables and fruit (938 and 728 samples), tightly followed by wine (542), meat – meat products (484), products of cold dishes (374), and milk products (351).

In total, CAFIA imposed bans on marketing foodstuffs and tobacco products in amount exceeding 46 million CZK. Milk and meat products were the products on which the bans were imposed most often. In 2007, 2 037 administrative proceedings were also legally closed, in which fines amounting to 37 465 000 CZK were imposed.

Food quality and safety on the Czech market can not be assessed only on the basis of results of controls carried out by CAFIA. The controls are targeted chiefly at dangerous places of sale and production and they result in a considerable number of bans.

A significant number of controls were performed by CAFIA on the basis of consumers’ suggestions; in 2007 CAFIA received in total 2614 such suggestions, of which 968 were assessed as justified. The most frequent complaints related to food quality, food safety, and hygienic deficiencies in shops or to sale of foodstuffs with expired use by date. Other hundreds of suggestions were forwarded by other supervisory authorities and institutions, particularly by the Czech Trade Inspection (302 suggestions) and regional public health authorities (227 suggestions).


For more information see the Annual Report for 2007, which is also available on website

Author: Mgr. Martina Šmídtová - CAFIA spokesperson, phone : +420-542426633