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CAFIA detained more peanuts with aflatoxins


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority, in collaboration with the Customs Administration, detained a consignment of roasted peanuts that contained a high level of aflatoxins at the border. The peanut consignment (Roasted Peanuts – Peanuts in Coconut Milk, 38 g package) heading to the Czech Republic from Vietnam contained more than 51 thousand packages of a total weight of 1957 kilograms.

Thus, contaminated peanuts will not reach the market and therefore there is not any risk to consumers. The consignment will be returned to its producer.

The CAFIA sent information about this case to the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed to warn other EU Member States.

Author: Mgr. Martina Šmídtová - CAFIA spokesperson, phone : +420-542426633