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Inspection Authority warns against preparation Miracle Mineral Supplement

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority deals with another case of a dangerous preparation. Preparation sold under name Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) and marketed in particular on the Internet as "the final solution of all illnesses" was concerned. The product includes a package of sodium chlorite and a package of citric acid. The fly sheet specifies the procedure how and in which amount to mix the final solution made of these two components. This solution is supposed to be put into capsules by means of a syringe and they will be subsequently used according to the prescribed dosage.
However, by mixing of these components chlorine dioxide is created which is a strong disinfection used, inter alia, for disinfection of water in pools or for bleaching of fabrics. The chlorite itself is then an ingredient contained in toothpastes and gels or mouth sprays. Furthermore, it is used for disinfection of heating or air conditioning installations. They are both dangerous substances that are not used in production of foodstuffs even in low concentrations. Consumers of MMS are thus exposed to damage of their digestive tract.
The composition of the individual packages of MMS and the final solution were confirmed by analyses carried out by CAFIA. Based on these analyses, CAFIA now performs inspections with the aim to ban this preparation and to order its withdrawal from the market. However, some MMS distributors claim during inspections that the preparation is intended only for disinfection of pool water not for consumption. Nevertheless, various offers of this product on the Internet or information in various advertisements show the converse. They promise customers to cure cancer of all kinds, hepatitis or even AIDS. Also from this reason, CAFIA decided to publish this case with the aim to warn consumers.

This MMS case demonstrates an utter unscrupulous hazard with human health; the preparation promises the consumers impossible, however, people can harm themselves by using it. Besides the ban of marketing, the companies which offer MMS as a preparation for oral use or directly as a food supplement can be subjected to appreciable financial sanctions within administrative procedure.

Author: Mgr. Martina Šmídtová - CAFIA spokesperson, phone : +420-542426633