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Foodstuffs during summer period

If a consumer discovers a defect in a sales network, for example a moldy product, spoiled product, product with expired use-by date, false representation of a product, product not labelled in Czech, or not labelled at all etc. or inadequate hygienic conditions when products are sold, he/she may at first try to notify the seller of this deficiency. If a consumer does not want or cannot take a corrective action directly at the seller, he/she may apply to the relevant inspectorate of CAFIA by regional competence with his/her claim, either personally, in writing or by phone. If a consumer asks for result of an inspection and provides his/her address, he/she will be informed of the result within 30 days.

What information must be provided when filing a complaint?

It is sufficient if a consumer communicates the name of a deficient product, producer, or importer and states the place where the product was bought and describes the deficiency. It is also necessary to describe the deficiencies in a store and give the address of a store with poor hygienic conditions.  
Sample provided by a consumer fulfills only orientation function. It cannot be used as a basis for legal measures taken by CAFIA as it was not taken officially.
If a consumer is interested in assessing the quality and wholesomeness of the presented sample, he/she may use any of the accredited laboratories for inspecting foodstuffs. CAFIA does not provide analyses in its laboratories upon request due to limited capacities. Inspection laboratories serve mainly for controlling and certification purposes.
We would like to notify consumers that CAFIA is not authorized to intervene in civil relations between the seller and buyer. This means that an inspection may not help a consumer in a refund. Consumers must therefore apply directly to the seller and if an agreement is not reached it is possible to bring the matter to a court.  
Article by: Inspectors, CAFIA Inspectorate in Ústí nad Labem