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Foodstuffs during summer period

Consumers frequently buy fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and potatoes on a market during summer months.

What should such sale look like?

  • Offered fruit and vegetables must be fresh in appearance, whole and healthy.
  • Fruit must never be damaged by rot and mold. So-called cutouts are a big risk (for example sweet peppers) or related methods of removing infected parts. All such methods and similar methods of “treatment” are forbidden.  
  • It is important to pay attention to cleanliness of the offered fruit and vegetables, damage by pests and diseases, damage caused by unprofessional manipulation and caused by unsuitable storage conditions, for example extremely high temperatures cause overheating and humidification, when buying these products.
  • When selling sliced water melons cleanliness and hygiene of sale process should be the norm.  
  • Freshness of such treated melons should be obvious at first sight.

Rules for selling potatoes:

Ware potatoes – early

  • Must be labelled by the name ware potatoes – early, variety, shape of tubers and flesh color must also be indicated
  • Tubers should never by green or damaged by rot or excessively mechanically damaged.

Ware potatoes – late

  • Must be labelled by variety and cooking type. Cooking type defines the use of ware potatoes and thus facilitates decision – making when buying (for preparation of salads, as a side dish or for preparation of dough and mash). 
  • Tubers should not be green.
  • Potatoes should not be damaged by rot or excessively mechanically damaged and sprouted.

Article by:
Inspectors, CAFIA Inspectorate in Ústí nad Labem