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Extraordinary inspection revealed 31.5 tons of illegal honey


Within an extraordinary inspection activity, inspectors of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) detected 31,449 kg (the total of 34,943 packagings intended for consumers à 900 g) of stored illegal honey provided by labels of producer Včelpo  spol. s.r.o. The products were detained on the spot. Random check revealed that lots with best before date by: 4.9.2018, 11.9.2018, 30.9.2018, 27.8.2018 were concerned, at which laboratory analysis of samples taken during previous inspections of CAFIA and SVA in 2015 confirmed presence of residues of antibiotics. With regard to the fact that these foodstuffs were not suitable for human consumption, thus they were illegal, the inspectors detained them on the spot and sealed the storage.

The inspection activity was carried out on 23rd February 2018 at the premises of former agricultural co-operative in the Olomouc region.

With regard to the fact the operator failed to ensure making the area accessible for inspection and further due to serious suspicion that unsafe foodstuffs, of which placing on the market may have an impact on human health, may be present at the building, the inspectors ensured the access compliant to Section 4 of Para 5 of Act No. 146/2002 Coll. Pursuant to this Act, inspectors have right to ensure such access including opening of closed areas.

CAFIA handed the case for further investigation to the SVA which is responsible, inter alia, for the matter of storage of foodstuffs of animal origin, thus of honey as well.

Author: Mgr. Pavel Kopřiva , phone : +420 542 426 633