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CAFIA warns against wafers with misleadingly labelled allergen


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) ordered company Kaufland Česká republika v.o.s. to immediately withdraw from the market foodstuff “K Classic Wafers with cocoa filling – Oplatky s krémovou náplní s kakaovou příchutí”, weight à 500g, lot No. 41242, best before date by 26th May 2017, country of origin: Poland.

The analysis carried out detected peanuts in amount multiple exceeding the amount given on the labelling (“may contain peanuts”). This information means that no higher than trace amount of the ingredient in question could be contained in the product.

The amount of peanuts approached 246mg/kg and posed thus a risk of health complications for persons suffering from allergy to peanuts.

CAFIA will initiate an administrative procedure on imposition of a fine with the inspected person.


Article by: Radoslav Pospíchal, deputizing for the CAFIA Spokesperson, phone: +420 542 426 613