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CAFIA checked safety and quality of food packages for schoolchildren


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) carried out a brief inspection activity targeted at safety and quality of fruit, vegetables and further foodstuffs comprising packages intended for elementary schools within the “School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme”.

“School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme” is an European project with the aim to enhance healthy eating habits of children and to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables.

The aim of the inspection activity was, apart from inspection of quality and safety, also necessity to check good hygiene practices during packing, transportation and distribution of foodstuffs. The inspections were carried out at selected suppliers who deliver their products to the highest number of schoolchildren attending the first grade of elementary schools.

Among others, 14 samples were taken (1 sample of a beverage, 1 sample of processed vegetables, 3 samples of fresh vegetables, and 9 samples of fresh fruit), of which all samples were satisfactory. The results achieved thus point to satisfactory quality of delivered foodstuffs.


Article by: Radoslav Pospíchal, deputising for the CAFIA Spokesperson, phone:+420 542 426 613