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CAFIA carried out 45,159 inspections and imposed fines amounting to 127.5 mil CZK in 2016


In the course of year 2016, the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) made the total of 45,159 entries into food business premises, public catering premises, customs warehouses and Internet shops. Compared to 2015, the number of inspections thus increased by 3.85%.

Out of this number, CAFIA inspectors made 26,292 inspection entries into retails, 10,114 into public catering premises, 8,968 into production premises, 2,352 into wholesale storages, 1,063 into primary production premises, 834 into customs warehouses, and 1,068 into other places (such as transportation, etc.).

CAFIA inspectors carried out 450 inspections focused on foodstuffs sold on the Internet by 213 inspected persons. The inspections are in higher and higher extent focused on foodstuffs offered or advertised on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Chocolates and confectionary products (62.5% of non-compliant lots out of the inspected lots; typical quality deficiencies), dehydrated products (56.1%; quality), ice creams and frozen creams (41.2%), wines (39.1%), milk products (37.9%), non-alcoholic beverages (33.7%) and honey (30.9%) are the most problematic commodities.

Inspections carried out in 2016 confirmed traditional high level of Czech producers and foodstuffs they produce.

2,876 administrative procedures led with food business operators were lawfully concluded in 2016 in which fines amounting to 127,429,500 CZK were imposed.

The Annual Report of CAFIA for 2016 is available on the CAFIA website.


Article by: Pavel Kopřiva, CAFIA Spokesperson