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Annual Report 2000


Never in the past did people pay so much attention to the quality of food as nowadays. Never before was food under as stringent regulatory control as has been applied in recent years. Never in the past were the foodstuffs in the market as safe as today. In this area, the Czech Republic may be unquestionably ranked among the most advanced countries in Europe. After all, the food market, quality of foodstuffs, and particularly food safety are one of the key areas representing a crucial criterion for the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union.

Nowadays, the Czech Agricultural and Food Inspectorate is a sophisticated, fully functional state regulatory body, which is a part of the control system for the production and, in particular, for putting foodstuffs into circulation. The authority of the Inspectorate has significantly increased in the eyes of food importers, producers, and sellers, and particularly of the consumer public. This situation has been brought about by two developments: better legislation which, through its better-quality laws and decrees, enables the inspectors to carry out inspections in a much more uniform and professional manner, and the Inspectorate's open attitude towards the public. The Czech Agricultural and Food Inspectorate's philosophy is to provide people with complete and reliable information regarding things involving everybody on an everyday basis. People have the right to know what food is offered to them in the market. And on the other hand, businesses have the right to produce and sell quality food.

The Czech Agricultural and Food Inspectorate's Final Report is an overview of activities undertaken in the year 2000. The figures indicated should not only be perceived as insufficiencies found, but, and above all, as evidence that the foodstuffs in the Czech market are under consistent control, as the Czech Agricultural and Food Inspectorate's primary objective is to protect the consumer.

Ing. Jakub Šebesta
General Director

Ing. Jakub Šebesta

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