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Adulterated milk products from abroad in retail chains in the CR


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) continues with inspections focused on the assortment of milk products from abroad at which frequent violation were detected recently. Current results of laboratory analyses show lower content of high-quality ingredients, such as milk dry matter that significantly affects the quality of the product. Consumer is thus misled by information on the fat content which is contained in higher or lower amount compared to the information on the food labelling. Following products are concerned:

Cheesy Singles with Cheddar, 200 g, processed cheese with Cheddar with best before date by 19. 06. 2016, lot L6048C31, producer Bonifaz Kohler GmbH D-88161 Lindenberg, Germany. The analysis showed violation as regards the content of milk dry matter, of which content amounted to 47.27% compared to 49% indicated on the labelling. Consumers were thus misled by the information on the labelling. The product in question was sold by company  BILLA, spol. s. r. o.

Mozzarella Galbani di latte di Bufala Mini with best before date by 18. 6. 2016, lot L 6N 141, producer S.p.A. Egidio Galbani-Via Flavio Giola, 8 20149 Milano, Italy.  The sampled cheese failed to comply with requirements of two aspects: The real content of the milk dry matter was 36.45% compared to 40.5% indicated on the labelling by the producer. Higher content of fat was further detected, namely 65.93% compared to 52% stated on the labelling. Consumers were thus misled by untrue information on the labelling. The foodstuff concerned was placed on the market by company  AHOLD Czech Republic, a.s.

CAFIA will initiate an administrative procedure on imposition of a fine with the inspected persons. With regard to the existing results, CAFIA will continue with inspections of this problematic assortment with the same intensity.


Article by: Radoslav Pospíchal, deputizing for the CAFIA Spokesperson, phone: +420 542 426 613