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Administration of State Material Reserves and CAFIA signed Agreement on Co-operation


On 3rd March 2017, Chairman of the Administration of State Material Reserves, Pavel Švagr and Director of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA), Martin Klanica signed Agreement on Co-operation of which aim is to ensure safe and long-term storage of food reserves.

This goal should be achieved both by precautionary and follow-up co-operation after storing. CAFIA will, inter alia, provide ASMR with information on appropriate precautionary measures preventing possible damages on stored food reserves. This aim should be further achieved also by means of mutual support and provision of information, professional consultations and opinions.

“We want to be sure that foodstuffs in national reserves comply with all hygiene standards and they are completely safe. I appreciate very much the future co-operation of the Administration and CAFIA aimed at ensuring health of our citizens in case of a crisis”, Chairman of the ASMS, Pavel Švagr, added to mutual co-operation.

CAFIA will further check whether legislation related to foodstuffs in storages with national food reserves is kept, including official sampling. The co-operation will be evaluated on a regular basis.

“We are ready to make a maximum effort to fully ensure the commitments stemming from the Agreement to benefit of all users of state material reserves,” CAFIA Director General, Martin Klanica, said.


Article by: Mgr. Pavel Kopřiva – CAFIA Spokesperson, phone.: +420 542 426 633