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Trading with EU member states

CAFIA carries out checks of the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 543/2011. Certification of fresh fruit and vegetables is only carried out in the case of fresh fruit and vegetables exported to or imported from non-EU countries. Certificates are not issued for trade within the EU, no certification is required for importing fresh fruit and vegetables from EU member states into the Czech Republic, or for exporting from the Czech Republic to other EU member states. The customer and the supplier may agree on specific conditions for the supplied product as a part of their contractual relationship.
In any case, the supplier must keep the conditions laid down by relevant EU regulations, fresh fruit and vegetables must be in accordance with the trading standards given in Annex I, part A, B of Regulation No. 543/2011.

Trading with non-EU countries

Before deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables from non-EU countries are offered for sale, they must be certified by CAFIA - checks whether they comply with trading standards. If the delivery complies with the relevant trading standards, a certificate that it complies with the EU standards is issued.
At present, the certificates are issued on the basis of Regulation (EU) No. 543/2011. The issue of a certificate is subject to an administrative fee.
Compliance checks are only carried out in the case of special trading standards, which only exist for 10 selected products. For all other fresh fruit and vegetable products, which are subject to general trading standards, the compliance checks may be waived on the basis of a risk analysis. This possibility is derived from Regulation (EC) No. 543/2011.
The exception concerns products from authorised non-EU countries, which the Commission has authorised to carry out compliance checks before export to the EU. If the delivery is accompanied by a certificate of compliance with trading standards issued by an authorised body in a non-EU country, CAFIA will only carry out random compliance checks.
List of authorised bodies in non-EU countries (available in Czech language)
There is a special regime for certification of green bananas according to Regulation (EU) No. 1333/2011 laying down marketing standards for bananas, rules on the verification of compliance with those standards and requirements for notifications in the banana sector.
How to proceed if a trader wishes to export or re-export fresh fruit and vegetables:
He must contact the relevant CAFIA Inspectorate, and inform them in advance on:
  • time and date of shipment
  • address of shipment destination
  • payment for certification - the fee for issuing a certificate is 1,000 CZK

Contact points for state control bodies for the certification of imported fresh fruit, fresh vegetables (available in Czech language)