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CAFIA and the Police of the CR will co-operate more intensively


Director General of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA), Martin Klanica and the Police President Tomáš Tuhý signed together an agreement on co-operation signifying a new higher level of current liaisons of both institutions. The agreement specifies the scope of joint activities with the aim to make the co-operation during the fight against illegal procedures and consumers’ protection more intensive and effective. The co-operation applies, inter alia, to inspection of transport of foodstuffs, raw materials for their production and tobacco products as well as inspection of premises, mutual ex-change of information related to criminal proceedings, laboratory analyses and education.

Mutual handing of information is the key to the co-operation. For example if the Police becomes suspicions of violation of legal conditions during transportation of food during a road check (temperature conditions during transport of frozen products, hygiene conditions, etc.), CAFIA Inspectorate will be notified of this and may decide on the spot that the consignment will not be released into the retail network. Based on the assessment of current risks, CAFIA and the Police may decide on an ad-hoc inspection activity focused on the conditions during transport of foodstuffs and agricultural products.

The co-operation applies to criminal proceedings as well. If a CAFIA inspector becomes suspicious of criminal activities, he will notify the Police of the CR without delay and the Police will take appropriate steps.

In justified cases, the Police of the CR will provide CAFIA inspectors with more intensive protection during performance of official inspections at the premises with increased risk of threat to health or life. Premises where the risk could be anticipated due to presence of dangerous persons, etc. are concerned.

Both parties will also co-operate intensively in the areas of protection against damages caused by tobacco products, alcohol and other addictive substances, protection of environment and waste management. In reasonable cases, the co-operation will apply also to laboratory workplaces which will focus on development and validation of new laboratory methods, procedure and tools for expert assessment. Sharing of information and experiences will be supported also by mutual participation in specialised trainings and exchange visits.


Article by: Pavel Kopřiva, CAFIA Spokesperson

1st June 2017